In my latest State of the Seaweed Industry, I remarked on the lack of coin flowing into cultivation as compared to processing and applications. A few…

February 2023

While seaweeds have many applications, food is the most common one globally. More importantly, in Europe and North America, food is a market that is…

January 2023

The country is a leader in Asparagopsis cultivation, seaweed bioremediation and kelp forest restoration.
Also: Biodiversity within kelp farms? Debate continues

December 2022

Also: Japan issues first kelp restoration carbon credits

November 2022

Also: Kelp forest science reaches new lows
Also: New Zealand’s rimurimu strategy, latest carbon science, my opinion on seaweed sinking

October 2022

Also: seaweed food safety laws are full of holes + funding news roundup

September 2022

Also: how to get costs down for seaweed cultivation and nurseries?
Also: investigating seaweed biochar’s potential

August 2022

Also: is seaweed-wind farm colocation actually feasible?

July 2022

Plus: biostimulants from Macrocystis & Sargassum, carbon science cools climate hopes