Also: Seaflour to replace carrageenan, kelp forest restoration manual, Climate Foundation wins XPrize
Also: diversifying Maine’s monoculture, new projects for Philippines, Madagascar, PNG
Plus: €730m for ocean impact funds, new conservation efforts, industry leaders talk innovation
Plus: NUQO accelerates, Vietnam's value chains, improving seed stocks with naked cells
Plus: governments unveil 2030 visions, FAO brings species detail
Also: new food products, fixing SE Asia's supply chains, rise of the she-weed.
Plus: science paper round-up, permit woes & investment news
Also: Big win for conservation, plastic funding, New York's kelp bill demotivates
Before getting to the news of the past few weeks, a somewhat longer first story than usual about fertilisers and Sargassum mariculture. Comments…
There are still some people who claim that the current enthusiasm for seaweeds is reminiscent of the hype in the 1970’s, when oil prices were high and…
Also: Walmart scion invests with vision
Sugar-blocking sea oak tea, Chinese super-kelp, AI for HABs, mangrove rot and much more